A Few Words

About Johnson Equestrian Center

Johnson Equestrian Center (JEC) boasts multiple professional trainers who seek to accommodate every level of rider in a safe and fun environment for both the horse and rider. Our trainers are well-experienced veterans in various disciplines including Hunters, Jumpers, Dressage, and Eventing. 
JEC offers private and semi-private lessons on either your own boarded horse or one of our well-trained and loved lesson horses. All boarded horses must be in a lesson and/or training program with JEC: Whether you are a serious competitor or just looking to take lessons we are happy to work with you on meeting your goals. 


Beata Parsons

Barn Manager

Sara Merrifield

Eventing/Hunter/Jumper Instructor

Skylar Parsons

Hunter/Jumper Instructor

Kathy Jachymczyk

Eventing Instructor

Erin Merrifield

Hunter/Jumper Instructor

Marcia Rigg

Dressage Instructor